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Flexible waste & recycling building space


Recycling and waste management are crucial to the environment, so having the right facilities to support these processes is key.

Our flexible building design is suited to the processing of all kinds of waste, from scrap metal to paper, biowaste and everything in-between. Sensitive materials and processes are hidden from view and protected. Adverse weather is kept out, harmful dust and emissions are contained.

For demanding conditions

Our waste and recycling buildings fulfil the strictest of standards and enable unobstructed movement when using machinery. The building consists of a single large space that improves efficiency without any supporting columns to obstruct the handling of materials.


Aggressive Environments

Best Hall buildings are also a proven and successful solution for covered composting and maturation facilities. The steelwork can be protected from the aggressive environment, either by a tough C5 powder coating, or installation of a fabric inner. A high degree of air-tightness can be achieved to maintain effective odour control.