Collinson Construction:
it’s not a name,
it’s a method


Technical Specifications

Cost Effective

Our tensile structures can offer a competitive solution compared to more traditional alternatives, when covering large areas. Your overall project cost is lower.

Natural daylight

The semi- translucent membrane allows light to flood into the interior, providing a bright welcoming working environment.

Unbeatable Size

Clear spans up to 100m wide. Your building will be free from obstructive internal columns

Safe & Reliable

The structure is manufactured from sturdy cold rolled and tubular steel, designed to meet local wind and snow load conditions

Proven in extreme climates

Best Hall structures have been installed in hurricane zones, high
snowfall regions, coastal areas, and desert environments. You can
be reassured that your building will be designed to withstand the
harshest of conditions

Low maintenance

Only solid steel bracing is used – no cables with turn-buckle
tensioners. You will not need to re-tension the structure and fabric
during the lifetime of the building

Powder coated steelwork

Provides a tough, durable, and attractive smooth finish.
Application thickness can be varied to suit even the most
corrosive of environments

Superior weather protection

The Ferrari Flexlite fabric membrane is factory welded for
maximum strength and installed as a single-piece cover. On-site
fabric welding is minimised. No leaking seams or weak joints

Unique pre-constraint technology

Ensures that the fabric does not lose its structural integrity when tensioned to the steel superstructure It has three times the tension retention of conventional fabrics. This prevents water ingress and improves longevity.

Revolutionary “Low Wick” treatment

Prevents moisture tracking within the fabric and keeps it
looking fresh

Logos and images

Can be screen printed onto the fabric. You can promote your
business or product.

Flexible design

Various structural profiles are available to meet the specific
requirements for individual projects and planning conditions

Fire safe

The fabric is tested to BS7837 and BS7157. It, won’t propagate
flame or sustain combustion. In the event of a fire the fabric falls
away, purging heat and preventing structural collapse

Easily relocatable

The structure is demountable and can be re-erected at a new location

Industrial Projects

Collinson Construction handles Best-Hall industrial projects of all shapes and sizes